Floral Polymer Clay Pen Blank


This is the classic floral by Toni. This product you can customize the rose colors, non-flower item like insect/bird/animal.

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  • Each Polymer Clay tube is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art by artist Toni Ransfield.
    The brass tubes are covered with Polymer Clay that is cured, making them extremely durable. Each leaf, flower, butterfly and other assorted images are individual pieces that are created and applied one slice at a time to make the finished Polymer Clay Pen Blank.
  • Millefiori floral polymer clay pen blank.
    These are hand made with painstaking precision and the utmost love and attention to details that you will ever find among the highest quality pen blanks. The result ensures that you have a clean detailed pen blank. The highest quality polymer clay is combined with over 20 years of professional expertise to guarantee you will have the best results possible. Please see links at bottom of page for more details.
  • Millefiori means ” thousand flowers” in Italian. Millefiori is Toni Ransfield’s true passion. It was originally an ancient glass making technique but it is now applied to polymer clay with wonderful results! Toni Ransfield loves making large canes with a pattern that runs through the entire cane. Slices are then cut from the cane and applied to practically any project that can be cured in a home oven.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions4 × .5 × .5 in

Blue Butterfly, Blue/Pink Butterfly, Bumblebee, Dragonfly, Green Butterfly, Green Frogs, Hummingbird, Monarch Butterfly, Orange-Purple Butterfly, Parrot, Pink Flamingos, Purple Butterfly, Purple Swallowtail, Purple/Pink Butterfly, Red Butterfly, Toni's Choice, Viceroy Butterfly (Orange – Red), White Butterfly, White Dove, Yellow ladybug, Yellow Swallowtail


Black Rose, Blue Pansies, Blue Rose, Brown Rose, Burgendy Rose, Coral Rose, Dark Blue Rose, Fushchia Rose, Green Rose, Light Blue Rose, Mint Rose, Orange Rose, Pink Pansies, Pink Rose, Purple Rose, Red Rose, Toni's Choice, Turquoise Rose, Violet Rose, White Rose, Yellow Fragipani, Yellow Rose, Yellow Sunflower


Areo Ballpoint, Bolt Action Ballpoint, Citizen Fountain/Rollerball, Emperor Junior, Emperor Senior, Faith/Hope/Love ballpoint, Gent Junior II, Long Clicker, Majestic Junior, Majestic Letter Opener, Majestic Senior, Majestic Squire Ballpoint, Mistral Ballpoint/Pencil, Mistral Fountain/Rollerball, Nautical ballpoint, Panda Fountain/Rollerball, Pro-X ballpoint, Sedona/Baron, Shakespeare Fountain/Rollerball, Sierra, Skull Ballpoint, Slimline 7mm, Spiritual Ballpoint, Statesman Senior, Victorian Fountain/Rollerball, Victorian Twist Ballpoint, Zen Rollerball, Zoe Ballpoint


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