About Toni

Toni Street is an Award Winning Polymer Clay Artist and an acknowledged pen maker, who was accepted into the Pen Makers Guild. Her Polymer Clay art has been seen all over the world through numerous publications. She has been working with clay for very close to 30 years now.

She is originally from the Beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State, now residing in Alabama. She has been working with Clay since the 80’s and discovered Polymer Clay in the early 90’s. Polymer Clay provides her with the versatility to create a multitude of designs given the vast color palette that the clays offer.

Toni loves making large canes and small canes with a pattern that can be seen throughout the whole cane and then cutting and applying it in slices to create a beautiful array of patterns, in clay and directly on the brass pen tubes which makes pen blanks.

Toni Street has studied with some of the most renowned artists in the USA, and is lucky enough to have them as personal friends.

Below are some, but not all, of her polymer clay related accomplishments:

  • Featured in Lisa Pavelka’s new book “The Complete Book of Polymer Clay” released in 2010.
  • Nails Magazine (Jan 2010) – Fimo Nail Art Competition.
  • Published in PolymerCafe Magazine 2007, April 2009 and October 2009 editions.
  • Country Heritage Magazine.
  • 1000 Jewelry Inspirations by Interweave Press.
  • Published in Beads Etc. Magazine Issue 20 and Issue 24 editions.
  • Showcased in “The Journal” in the December, 2004 edition for her small internet business making polymer clay eggs which sold all over the world.
  • Privately commissioned to create a Giant Golden Emu Egg for Judge Judy.
  • First Place for IAP’s Casing Pen Contest 2010.
  • Acceptance into the Pen Makers Guild – February 2011 with her Dragon Scale pattern.
  • Featured in “Pen & Pencil Projects” by Walter Hall 2011.
  • Article written by Kurt Hertzog in Woodturning Magazine June 2013 Issue #43, The Journey from Penturning to Penmaking.
  • A key Demonstrator at MAPG in Virginia 2013.
  • Demonstrator at The American Association of Woodturners symposium in Atlanta Georgia in June 2016.
  • Opened claypenblanks.com so the public can customize, add, shop for Toni’s clay work.
  • A monthly contributor for an online Magazine, Polymer Clay Universe, January 2017 – September 2017.
  • Online Video Tutorial for Polymer Clay Adventure 2018, teaching a Black and White Kaleidoscope Cane.
  • February 2018, Writer and Contributor to Polymer Week Magazine.
  • Demonstrator at Southwest Association of Turners, SWAT, in Waco, Texas~ August 2018.

She also won second place in Bead Arts Award by Bead and Button Magazine, 2007, for Jewelry Design In Beads.
She has also won several other contests as well as teaching classes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and New Zealand.

Toni takes great pride in her work with each and every piece is unique and one of a kind. It is her hope that you will love her art as much as she loves creating it for you. Should you have ANY questions please feel free to send Toni a message. Toni will be glad to answer your concerns as well as special requests.